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Voters cast ballots at Kensett City Hall

By Jean Caspers-Simmet

Date Modified: 11/21/2012 1:22 PM

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KENSETT, Iowa —The Kensett City Hall in Worth County serves as the polling place for the city of Kensett and Brookfield and Kensett townships.

Voting was brisk election day morning, said Linda Medlang, precinct chairperson. Her family operates a dairy farm just outside of town.

Medlang was assisted by precinct election officials Dianne Cooper of Kensett, and Janelle Johnson and Marge Tenold, both of Northwood.

The Kensett polling place offers curbside voting to people who are unable to come into the building because of a disability. Tom Fretty, 85, of Kensett took advantage of the service. His wife, Jean, 83, came into the polling place to vote and requested the assistance for her husband.

Jean said she and Tom have lived in Kensett for 55 years and have voted in every election. They used to own Tom's Country Market at the intersection of Highways 9 and 65 in Manly.

With curbside voting, one precinct election worker from each party goes out to the car, Medlang said. Cooper and Tenold brought Tom his voting materials. He signed his name on the paper, and then they brought him his ballot so that he could vote.

Medlang said with more emphasis on early voting, there are fewer requests for curbside voting than in the past.

The brick city hall which functions as a community center has a brightly polished wood floor. The room is decorated for Christmas with a plastic Santa standing on a stage lined with red bows and artificial evergreen boughs. Portable voting booths are set up on tables. Lunch for the election workers is spread out on the counter in the back of the room. Crock pots keep the food warm.