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Vossberg gets creative at pork booth

By Jean Caspers-Simmet

Date Modified: 08/15/2013 12:42 PM

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WAVERLY — When it comes to selling pork at the Bremer County Fair, Amy Vossberg looks for creative ideas.

"We like to think outside the box," said Vossberg.

The Bremer County Fair completes its annual run on Aug. 3.

The Bremer County Pork Producers Association serves pork burgers, grilled pork loin and pulled-pork sandwiches and hot dogs. Vossberg came up with the Pork Parfait —mashed potatoes, barbecued pork, gravy, cheddar cheese and a cherry tomato.

"I got the idea from the Iowa Cattlemen's Hot Beef Sundae," Vossberg said. "It's a pork meal in a cup."

Vossberg and her boyfriend, Trent Schultz, developed chocolate-covered bacon. They baked apple wood smoked bacon, dipped it in chocolate almond bark and then drizzled it with white chocolate.

The chocolate-covered bacon was popular.

With limited booth space, Pork Producer members decided that while the deep-fried bacon and chocolate-covered bacon were popular, there wasn't enough room in the booth for those items and all the other things they serve. They won't be on the menu this year.

They will grill Fareway bacon pork burgers on Aug. 2, and the other items will be available.

Pork Producers sold 1,900 pork burgers, 750 pork-loin sandwiches, 200 pork parfaits, 600 pulled pork sandwiches and 230 servings of chocolate covered bacon at the fair. They also gave away 1,000 pork burgers.

The Bremer County Pork Producers pass out recipes, and the county pork royalty play games with the children. Board members answer lots of questions.

Vossberg, 28, grew up on a farm near Janesville, where her parents, John and Carolyn, raise hogs and crops. She's remained active with the Bremer County Pork Producers as a board member and secretary. At the state level, she works with the Youth Committee and the Promotions Committee.

Vossberg's mother, Carolyn, and Nancy Kaiser run the pork booth with Vossberg in charge of marketing. All the board members are there every night, and there are other volunteers who work as well. Usually 50 people are involved throughout the fair.

"When people come to the fair and eat at our booth, they're contributing to the community," Vossberg said.

Bremer County is in the process of relocating its fairgrounds to the west side of Waverly. Vossberg said she and other Pork Producer members are hoping for a larger building.

"If we do, we'll have even more diverse and interesting pork offerings," Vossberg said.