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New Holland introduces Cornrower

By Janet Kubat Willette

Date Modified: 11/28/2012 8:34 AM

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LYLE, Minn./ST. ANSGAR, Iowa — An Indiana New Holland dealer has invented a bolt on attachment for a New Holland corn head that puts stover in a row behind the combine.

The Cornrower attachment was invented by Jim Streater of Rochester, Ind.

Streater owns four New Holland dealerships, said Jim Moellenberndt, New Holland business manager.

Streater has been working on the Cornrower for five years, Moellenberndt said. He developed it as he saw a need emerging for stover in the ethanol

industry. The attachment brings stalks and cobs to a conveyor and forms a windrow behind the combine.

It can then be baled for conversion to ethanol or as forage. It's a way to harvest the rest of the field and another way to deal with the material

left after grain is harvested, Moellenberdnt said.

Cover crops do better if stover is removed, he said, and corn yields have been shown to increase in corn-on-corn fields where stover is removed.

The Cornrower eliminates the need to chop stalks and then rake. It also means fewer rocks and debris will end up in the final product.

Streater developed it because of an emerging cellulosic ethanol market, but now the greatest demand has been from cattle producers, Moellenberdnt said.

New Holland will provide parts, service and warranty for the Cornrower beginning in 2014. Next year will be an education year for dealers and growers, Moellenberdnt said.

New Holland has 3,000 dealers in 170 countries around the world.