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Lange's Cafe & Bakery -- Where Old Friends Meet

By Renae Vander Schaaf

Date Modified: 12/27/2012 8:37 AM

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Lange's Cafe

Address: 110 8th Ave. SE Pipestone, MN

Telephone: (507) 825-4488

Hours: 24 hours a day, seven Days a Week. The doors are never locked.

Favorites: Sour Cream Raisin Pie $3.39. Premium Signature Ice Cream. Breakfast served all day. French toast $5.50.

Chicken Ceasar Salad $9.49

PIPESTONE, Minn. — What to do when in a new town and hungry? Look for the cafe where all the cars are parked, a telltale sign of excellent food and serivce.

Lange's Cafe on Highway 75 gets noticed. Cars often fill its parking lot. Tables and booths inside are filled with satisfied customers. The doors haven't closed for 56 years. There isn't even a key to lock the doors.

"My dad and uncle owned a 24 hour Mobil gas station next door," said Steve Lange, second-generation owner. "The cafe came up for sale and they purchased it. In 1961, they did some remodeling, adding a complete bakery. But when pouring cement for the sidewalk, dad ceremoniously dropped the keys because the doors are never locked."

Remodeling and expansion has occurred a few times since. Lange said his employees work hard to prepare great food. Many recipes come from Lange's predecessors. His great-grandma's never-fail recipe for sour cream pie is still the one used today.

Work on the dozen varieties of pies begins daily at 4 a.m. Pies can be purchased by the slice or whole. The bakery case also features fresh breads and rolls, doughnuts and other pastries for take out or enjoying with a cup of coffee.

If pie isn't your dessert choice, Lange's Cafe and Bakery also serves Supreme Layer cakes. If you order ice cream it's homemade at the cafe.

Bacon is a popular menu item. Ordered from an undisclosed supplier, it was so often requested that Lange's Cafe now sells bacon for home cooking.

Homemade taste and quality and you probably have just described the menu offerings at the cafe because all the food is really made just that way. Breakfast is served all day.

French toast is made from thick slices of specialty French bread, that is dipped in egg batter and grilled. Stuffed hashbrowns feature savory grilled cob-smoked ham, onions, green peppers and cheese all between two layers of hashbrowns, served with eggs and toast.

Chicken Alfredo, Seafood Alfredo, Pasta PrimaVera, Spaghetti and Veal or Chicken Parmesan are listed under the Pastabilities section. Saturday night is steak night featuring Lange's Signature Prime Rib. Many beef, pork, fish and chicken choices are offered. Chili is served year-round and soup comes in many flavors. Cream of broccoli, cream of wild rice, chicken dumpling, vegetable beef, ham and bean.

Lange's family favorite is the deep-fried, boneless chicken breast on a bed of long grain and wild rice served with a special almond and raisin sauce.

Lange's Cafe teams with the agriculture community to feature specials. May is Beef month and June is dairy. October is pork month. Drawings are held and prizes are given away.

Real food, such as real mashed potatoes, chili are served. It's no surprise that empty spots in the parking area are hard to find.