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Korie-Red victory is exciting for all involved

By Janet Kubat Willette

Date Modified: 10/25/2013 12:58 PM

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OWATONNA, Minn. — The excitement of showing the Reserve Supreme Champion of the Junior Show at World Dairy Expo shows in Joseph Stransky's smile.

The 13-year-old showed Cleland Advent Korie-Red-ET in the Supreme Show at World Dairy Expo. Announcers dress in formal attire during the elite ceremony in which the junior show winners of all the breeds parade across the colored shavings in the darkened arena and the Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion are announced.

"It's a privilege to be out there," said Stransky, who owns the cow with his brothers, Zach, 10, Jerome, 8, and Darian, 7, and Ryan Lauber, of Union Grove, Wis.

Lauber, 20, got to know the Stranskys at World Dairy Expo. He worked the night line for them starting at age 15. People who work the night line stay up overnight to keep the cows clean, feed them hay and make sure everything is fine for the day crew.

Lauber has moved onto the Stransky's day crew at Madison, and he has developed a friendship with the family.

He showed Korie-Red in the Red and White Junior Show where the cow took Grand Champion honors and won the Aged Cow class.

"I'm still like in shock. ... I never thought it would happen that I would win the junior show," Lauber said.

He and the Stransky brothers purchased Korie-Red at World Dairy Expo 2012 from Jim and Vicky Cleland of Clinton, Wis.

Stransky said he liked the cow's frame and her udder. Lauber said he liked the looks of Korie-Red and thought it would be neat to own her. Korie-Red was tied in with the Stransky string of cattle at expo and Joseph's mother, Daria, showed her. Korie-Red placed fourth in 2012 and was nominated as an All-American.

How the cows do from year-to-year depends on how they freshen, Daria said.

Korie-Red birthed a bull calf this year. It will be sold as a steer. The cow has produced three bulls and one heifer through natural birth, said Jason Cleland, of Cleland Holsteins of Clinton, Wis. Cleland Holsteins bred Korie-Red. The farm is located an hour south of Madison.

Korie-Red is the first cow bred by Cleland Holsteins to place so high at expo.

"She's pretty much the highlight," Cleland said. "That was really cool."

Cleland flushed Korie-Red in summer 2012 and one of her five embryo transfer daughters will be sold at the Luau Sale II on May 31 at Stransky's farm near Owatonna.

This was Joseph Stransky's fifth year showing in Madison. He showed his first cow at expo when he was 9 years old.

Showing at the expo is quite different than at the state show or the county fair. The arena is bigger, there are a lot more people watching and people from all over the world are watching via a live Internet feed, Stransky said. He doesn't think about that while in the ring; he focuses on his cow and the judge and keeping his cow looking nice.

Korie-Red is a six-year-old. In addition to her junior show victories at expo, she was first Aged Cow in the Open Show.

If Korie-Red returns to the ring, it would be in April at the Midwest Spring National.

Lauber may well be there to fit her. He helps on his family farm and has a cattle fitting business, helping other people get ready for shows and sales.

Stransky is back in seventh grade at Owatonna Junior High School, making up the homework he missed while away and practicing for his final football game of the season.