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  • Nashua-Plainfield FFA celebrates 75 years

    NASHUA, Iowa — Nashua–Plainfield FFA members worked long hours preparing for the chapter\'s 75th anniversary celebration last week. FFA members, advisor and agriculture teacher Ron Zelle and Iowa State University student teacher Steve Eskildsen spent time before and after school, at night and on weekends creating a historical timeline and readying 30 years of scrapbooks, reporter\'s and treasurer\'s books. They organized an open house and banquet which included a meal catered by Ohrt\'s Smoke House.

  • Three generations of Edsons have been FFA members

    NASHUA, Iowa — Three generations of Edsons have been members of Nashua–Plainfield FFA. Lynn Edson, his son, Dave, and Dave\'s son, Andy, all say FFA taught them to be comfortable speaking in front of people. Lynn Edson graduated from Nashua High School in 1946 and was in FFA for four years serving as chapter president from 1944 to 1945. His advisor was Merit Bishop who started the chapter 75 years ago.

  • ISA\'s On-Farm Network announces new research territories, strip trials

    ANKENY — The Iowa Soybean Association\'s On–Farm Network has assigned territories to its field research specialists to improve efficiency and service. Tristan Mueller, On–Farm Network operation manager–agronomic research, said by dividing the state into three quadrants — northwest, northeast and south

  • Soil health movement restoring agriculture

    CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — It\'s farmers who started the soil health movement, and Ray Archuleta, a conservation agronomist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Greensboro, N.C., sees it as the solution to energy, climate, air and water quality and human health issues. \"Farmers are learning to farm in nature\'s image, and they are healing the land,\" said Archuleta during a recent workshop at the Center for Energy and Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. He also gave the Shivvers Lecture at Iowa State University. \"No more diapers, no more bandaids,\" said Archuleta, who is known as the Soil Guy. \"The only way to heal the land is through understanding.\"

  • Play about recent immigrant farmers has message for everyone

    FAYETTE, Iowa — Mary Swander remembers the young veteran who spoke to her after \"Vang,\" her play about recent immigrant farmers, was performed in Ottumwa. \"She told me that I might think it was odd that she could relate to the play so well, but she had served in the Army in Afghanistan and she felt like the immigrants,\" said Swander, Iowa Poet Laureate and Distinguished Professor of English at Iowa State University. \"She felt like she was between two worlds. She didn\'t fit in Afghanistan, and she didn\'t fit in the United States either. I realized that the play is about a lot more than immigrant farmers, it\'s about that in–between space we all experience at one time or another. It\'s about adaptability, resilience, ingenuity and entrepreneurship.\"