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FSA will be issuing CRP and DCP payments in October

By Ryan Castle

Date Modified: 10/29/2012 3:27 PM

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FSA offices will be issuing 2012 CRP and DCP payments in the next two weeks.

CRP annual payments will be issued the week of Oct. 1 and DCP payments will be issued the week of Oct. 8. Current policy mandates that FSA payments be electronically transferred into your bank account. In order for payments to be made timely, producers need to notify the FSA county office if your account has been changed or if another financial institution purchases your bank. Payments will be delayed if the FSA office is not aware of updates to your account and routing numbers.

Payments will be limited by direct attribution to individuals or entities. A legal entity is defined as an entity created under federal or state law that owns land or an agricultural commodity, product or livestock. Through direct attribution, payment limitation is based on the total payments received by the individual, both directly and indirectly. Under direct attribution, payments made to individuals remain unchanged. However, payments to legal entities, such as corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and other similar entities, are limited by attributing the payment to an individual based on their direct and indirect interest in the entity.